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AngularJS is developer-friendly, quick, and robust. This is why we choose Angular JS. It implements MVC by asking you to split your app into MVC components, then just let Angular do the rest.

Looking for a JavaScript framework to organize web applications, than AngularJS is the most preferred platform. It is possible to declare dynamic views in web applications with Angular JS. Web applications using AngularJS are easy to test and maintain. A business that needs to build interactive websites and apps especially the established ones looks out for this JavaScript MVC framework. This feature allows easy testing of JavaScript code and let the mobile apps get a rich and beautiful UI design.

With the growing demand of interactive designs on mobile and websites, business wants scalable applications with sophisticated features using AngularJS. Our dedicated Angular.JS developers have delivered fast, scalable and appealing web-applications and mobile apps.

Archesoftronix offers the following AngularJS Services

  • Use Best tools among the developer community: build & deploy Angular Apps
  • AngularJS, NodeJS and BackboneJS
  • Enterprise level web applications and apps
  • Framework development using UI-bootstrap, Ionic and Semantic UI

Angular manages your components for you and also serves as the pipeline that connects them. Angular JS brings you the best support and solutions. AngularJS is 100% JavaScript, client-side and compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. The powerful and result-oriented framework brings some amazing features in dynamic views in web applications; while let users extend HTML vocabulary for web applications that show real time interactive events.

AngularJS lets you extend HTML for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop, 2 way data binding, Templates, MVVM ,Dependency Injection and Directives are the special features that makes angular different from other frameworks