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1. Performance Testing is a type of testing that ensures that the software applications will perform seamlessly under their expected workload. We at Arche Softronix, focus on the performance of the software system such as the response time, reliability, usage of resources and scalability apart from the features and other functionalities. Moreover, the prominent goal of the Performance Testing is not only to find the bugs but to eliminate performance bottlenecks.

Software parameters we keep in mind while carrying out Performance Testing are

Speed – It determines whether the application responds quickly and efficiently
Scalability – To monitor the maximum user load the software application can handle
Stability – Check whether the application is stable under varying loads.

2. Automation testing, in other words, utilizes automatic devices to create and execute test cases, where no manual inclusion is required while executing a computerized test suite. Often, the analyzers compose test contents and experiments by utilizing the mechanization device and thereafter gathering into test suites.

The primary objective of Automation Testing is to create a test expertise and build programming value.

At Arche Softronix, the quality assurance testing team carries out an automatic process where the analyzer composes the contents by possessing and utilizing appropriate programming to test the given product. It is ultimately a computational procedure of a manual process. Similar to the relapse testing, the automation testing is used to test the applications from load, execute and emphasize perspective.