Regardless of screen, device or channel – our UI / UX specialists create visually stunning, functional and user friendly UI / UX designs as per your brand identity. This activity comprises of 3 phases –   1)   Analysis   2)   Design 3)   Delivery.

  • In Analysis – We do Requirement Analysis, Scope Definition, User Profiling, Brainstorming & Pre-design Usability Testing
  • In Design – We create Workflow Design, Information Architecture, Graphic User Interface, Visual Design & Typography
  • In Delivery – We do Prototyping, Design Usability Testing, Responsive Design, Standardization & SEO

We Decide Technology Stack For You

  • Type of application (Web, Cloud, Mobile OR Desktop), Volume of end users & how they are going to access & with what kind of infrastructure
  • Your existing Infrastructure, Current Technology Stack in Company, IT Staff with Current Expertise, etc.
  • Budget, Maintainability, Migration of Existing Data, Security Concerns, etc.
  • Most cutting edge available technology stacks

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