The 960 grid (Responsive Grid System) is an exertion to simplify web improvement workflow by furnishing regularly utilized sizes, in light of a breadth of 960 pixels. There are 2 variants: 12 & 16 segments, which could be utilized independently or as a part of couple.

The reason of the framework is preferably suited to fast prototyping, however it might work just as well when coordinated into a nature’s domain. There are printable representation sheets, outline layouts, and a CSS index that have indistinguishable estimations.

Benefits of using Responsive grid

  • Provides a “framework” that’s designed to look good on all monitors.
  • Streamlines the design process by defining exact measurements.
  • Reduces development time by providing pre-coded HTML/CSS.
  • In a perfect world, it helps designers and developers communicate better – smoothing out the process of moving from Design to Coding.

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