Magento is a well-known name in the eCommerce industry. Acquiring more than 25% of the market share of the eCommerce websites. Its an open-source CMS build on PHP programming language, Zend framework utilising MySQL & MariaDB as a relational database system and applies of OOPs & MVC architecture concepts. Being an open-source it offers a wide range of customisation options. Magento does not limit you on hosting services, you can select your preferred hosting options. It is very well SEO friendly, supporting businesses on digital media popularisation.

Why Magento

  • Its an open-source offering ease of application customisation, flexibility & scalability
  • Offers unique brand creation experience
  • Freedom to choose the hosting service provider
  • Integrates with ease on different platforms and responsive as well
  • SEO friendly supporting the digital media business aspect to grow
  • Magento strong at its management, in spite of a wide range of user it maintains its uptime and services

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