WPF is the Windows Presentation Foundation which is an advanced presentation system. WPF is embedded in the Microsoft .NET framework which allows the developer to utilise a class library of .NET. It is a vector-based rendering engine and has modern graphics hardware. WPF has features like animation, 2D & 3D graphics, XAML, layouts, data binding, typography and more.

WCF is the Windows Communication Foundation, you can say that WPF is front-end and WCF is back-end.

An appeal is very significant today, we at Arche Softronix Pvt. Ltd. have the creativity and mind-set to develop applications with WPF creating exception graphic presentation. We have delivered projects utilising Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Visual Studio, which are web-based subsets of WPF. We can build applications for user delight through presentation and effective functionality at affordable prices.

Why we use WCF/WPF

  • Resolution & effects are qualitative on small or large screens
  • Graphics are world-class and gives the user a delightful experience
  • Declarative programming makes the application user-friendly, guiding the user through the process
  • Data binding feature supports system to synchronise with data and user interface


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