Top Four Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider the SaaS Business Model

Like most other technological trends, the “Software as a Service” or the SaaS model entered into the realm of buzzwords, making the term confusing and easy to ignore. Standard software has become outdated since years, and most businesses have started moving towards subscription-based services. Of course, the SaaS model continues to gain traction, and several companies are choosing the SaaS model, and for good reason.

Adobe, the famous company known for Photoshop and Illustrator, is a great example that adopted the SaaS model after its traditional business model was deemed untenable. Although Adobe was a successful licensed software, they took this move in 2012 to become an entirely cloud-based system. The customers need to make monthly subscriptions instead of paying a one-time fee and access Creative Suite apps available in the cloud.

Are you wondering about shifting your company to the SaaS model like Adobe? If you cannot figure out the benefits the model brings to your business, check out the four advantages that the model offers below.

Top Four Advantages of SaaS

1. Reduced Costs

SaaS offers your business better savings that you can use for different reasons. Firstly, with the SaaS model, you can quickly eliminate the cost of purchasing and installation software. You also save on the ongoing expenses required for maintenance and upgrades. You can easily download and maintain the SaaS model, which reduces the cost of hardware installations. Furthermore, the pay-as-you-go models allow your business to make payments only for the things you are using and not make payments for unused licensing. If you own a small business, SaaS can be highly advantageous, as you can access expensive and high-powered software that you might never have a chance to purchase through conventional methods. Besides, with the subscription-based model, you can eliminate the fear of the financial risk of expensive software.

2. Reduced Time to Benefit

Often you hear people say, “Time is money,” and yes, the SaaS model helps you save both. It differs entirely from the traditional model, as you get access to licensed and configured software applications. You need to provision the software, and within a couple of hours, you can access the application. It helps in reducing the time you spend on installing and configuring and the issues that might arise in the case of software deployment.

3. Upgrades

With SaaS, the provider upgrades the solution that is available for their customers. Furthermore, there is less cost and effort associated with the upgrades and new releases than the traditional model. In the conventional model, you need to spend a handsome amount to purchase an upgraded package and install the same. Alternatively, you had to pay for specialized services and boost the environment in the traditional model.

4. Scalability and Integration

The SaaS solutions usually reside in the cloud environment, which is scalable and has integrations with other offerings of SaaS. While the traditional model requires you to install an additional server, you need not install any such servers in the SaaS model. However, it requires you to enable a new SaaS offering. Moreover, you enjoy the flexibility to scale your SaaS use based on specific requirements.

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The SaaS model has a lot to offer for every business model. Proper use of the SaaS model helps your business to save money, time, and human resources. While software maintenance and incompatibility are severe issues in the traditional model, opting for the SaaS model helps keep these issues. It offers better-streamlined focus and greater productivity. Choose to connect with an experienced SaaS solutions provider like Arche Softronix to get your requirements sorted.



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