How to set up your perfect offshore development centre for your company: a guide from the best offshore development agency in Finland

Share your product vision

Sharing your product vision with your offshore development company is the most crucial part of setting up a perfect offshore development centre. Imparting your offshore software development team the full knowledge and complete understanding of the nitty-gritty of your product helps them to push your project in the right direction from the get-go!

Sharing your vision helps you and your offshore software development team will make sure that both of you are on the same page in terms of understanding, planning and the release date which will help your business to deliver the project within the deadlines. Ensure that your offshore team has all the details they need to work smartly and independently.

Engage with your Offshore team more and often

It is important to engage with the offshore development team that you have collaborated with to work on your project. When you are working with a remotely-based team, communication is not essential — it is a must. Communicating with your remote team at every stage makes sure that everything is going according to plan. Engaging with them from time to time enables you to assist them if they are stuck somewhere.

Communicating with your offshore software development once a week or during scrum meetings will do no good. Make sure you speak to them once a day. Daily updates will make sure the project is right on track.

Overlap Work Schedule 

The time difference is the major problem faced by companies when you hire an offshore development agency. The majority of the world is outsourcing India and China due to the affordable lifestyle and cheap infrastructure and quick availability of the required manpower. India is 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the USA while China is 13 hours ahead of the USA. You have to make sure you coordinate with your offshore development about the progress and task to be done for the next day. Early morning or late nights are the best time for you to coordinate with them.

Additionally, because of the flexible workforce and adjustable shift hours in these countries, they can provide on-call support to your business while your onshore team is sleeping in their beds. 

Avoid cultural jargons 

When you hire an offshore company, your offshore team is working on your project from a different geographical location. There are possibilities that do not speak your language as fluently as you and may not be familiar with your cultural lingo. This can create a communication gap between you and your offshore development team. The key here is to keep your vocabulary simple and straightforward. Be clear about what you want them to do, avoiding cultural jargons and references while putting your point across them.

Micromanaging will do no good

Offshore development is all about collaborating and trusting your offshore development team. keeping an eye on your project is okay but micromanaging your remote team will do no good. Make sure the offshore development company you are planning to work with has a mixed bag of developers, senior developers and team leads who can work efficiently, smartly and independently on your product.

Use videos and images to help them understand better

Offshore software development is all about making your team understand your requirements. An effective way to do so is to use images and videos. As humans, we grasp and understand visuals and images faster and better than word of mouth. Using videos and images makes it simple for your software development team to instantly understand what you are talking about. This also saves time for both parties and prevents any kind of miscommunication.

The offshore development team is your team

One big mistake that businesses make is to consider the offshore development team as “outsiders.” Companies must understand that the offshore development agency that they are partnering with is NOT their competition, they are your team. Including them in all your organisation meetings and activities will help you not only create a healthy relationship with your remote team but also make them feel valued.

If you want to reduce the time to market your product, offshore software development is the right choice. Offshore development service helps you to deliver faster results cost-effectively.

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