What is ERP and how can it help your business?

Arche Softronix is a one stop IT solutions company in Finland for all your enterprise needs. We offer custom IT solutions to transform your business for next-generation ERP software development  is one of our core expertises. Through our custom ERP software solutions,we help businesses to automate and streamline their operations and increase their overall efficacy. 

But what is ERP, you may ask?

ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a management software specially designed for business purposes that integrates various functions and processes into a single unified system, allowing the business to streamline and automate processes within the organization. ERP software provides visible insights into the core of a business through superlative resource tracking, reporting, database management and centralized data sharing. ERP software allows organizations to expand without bearing the additional cost of recruiting different resources for a particular task. ERP allows you to work efficiently and grow smartly.

An easy way to understand ERP is to think of it like a human brain. ERP is what the brain is to your body. It controls and coordinates all functions of the body by telling them what to do and make sure they all work together. Similarly, without a comprehensive ERP system, a business cannot function with efficiency. ERP integrates all the business operations including marketing, sales, product development and manufacturing, human resource and more. ERP software glues all the pieces of a company together, assisting businesses to gain visibility, increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

Whether you are thinking to implement an ERP system or modifying the existing system, it is crucial to understand how ERP software is helping your business to monitor, control and automate various operational facets within the organization which helps your business to fasten the speed of deliverables 

Here’s how ERP software is helping your business

ERP makes your business more agile: Technology is constantly evolving and changing. Any business needs to adapt to the changing landscape and dynamics of the market. A comprehensive application of ERP systems is flexible, modular and offers scalability so that your business can adjust according to the shift in the market and customer’s needs. You can start by taking small steps. Integrate ERP software with the processes that are vital for business today, and as your business grows with time, integrate other applications to streamline your business. 

ERP improves overall efficacy and productivity: For any business time is everything. If your business cannot deliver the commitments within the time limits it can greatly impact your market position and reputation in marketing. Moreover, to err is to be human. Manual workflow is often time-consuming and there is no guarantee if the given report or data is correct. Implementing an ERP system centralizes all the databases from various operations into one unified system, enabling you to analyze all the required data to prepare accurate reports.

Cost-effective in the long run:  One of the biggest challenges or an excuse businesses give for not shifting to ERP is the initial cost. However, there are agencies like Arche Softronix that provide the best customized ERP solutions at reasonable prices. Implementing an ERP system will help prove to be cost-effective in the long run because of its ability to provide a centralized database, as a result, you will communicate with only one person instead of ten different people. This saves the cost of hiring more professionals for a particular task.

Enhance security and accessibility with ERP application: The modern ERP solutions are not limited to the manufacturing and retail industries only. Today ERP applications are used in the hospitality, healthcare, education sector and even in waste management. ERP application lessens the risk and hardware expense by hosting your ERP application on the cloud. It allows you to access real-time business information from anywhere from any device. Plus it is more secure, offers more scalable, and can be modified seamlessly when you need to.


ERP systems are beneficial for every organization today. It improves security, helps you support and manage different various departments efficiently, the accurate real-time data assist you to analyze better and make a smarter business decision and most importantly enhances the productivity and agility of your business which not only helps you to deliver better but also allows your business to grow faster



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